Healy programs are missing after installation

Healy programs are missing after installation

Activate an update manually in the settings, using the "Check for updates" menu (an internet connection is required). If you do not receive the program update, please wait some more time for the activation to go through. If issue still persists, reach out to Support.
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    • How many programs can I run during one day?

      Healy recommends running  a maximum of 2-3 programs a day; please consult the Healy manual and the First Steps guide for better understanding programs and frequency of use.
    • Is there a limit to the number of programs we can run in the course of one day?

      There is no actual limit. But you should only apply a limited number of programs per day depending on your state of health. More information can be found in the “First Steps With Healy” flyer that was provided with your Healy.
    • There are no programs shown under Healy Connect

      In order for the programs to appear, you must perform a BRA measurement. Once the measurement is complete, you will receive the recommended programs for seven days. Note: To use the Healy Connector module you need the Healy Watch Connector ...
    • How do I change my Healy Edition?

      To change your Healy Edition in the HealAdvisor app, go to Settings - Your Healy Edition and select your desired combination of Healy frequency programs .
    • Do I have to use electrodes to apply a Healy frequency program?

      The microcurrent with the frequencies of the Healy frequency programs is transferred to the body with electrodes. If no electrodes are used, only the information of the frequencies is sent into the Information Field and the frequency modulated ...