Green light is not constantly blinking

Green light is not constantly blinking

The green light goes out when no frequency program is running, but the blue light from the Bluetooth indicator remains on when the Healy app or the HealAdvisor Analyse app are connected and communicating with your Healy. The green light during the HealAdvisor Analyse app only lights up when your are in Vibration mode.
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    • Why doesn’t the Bluetooth light blink permanently?

      The Bluetooth light on your Healy is only blinking when there is a connection established between Healy and one of the Healy apps.
    • When I press on „Start Program“, it tells me to install the Healy App, which I already have

      For this step to work, it is best to uninstall your current Healy app and download the newest version of the Healy app available at the App Store/Play Store. Press the „Install“ button; it will redirect you to the Healy version that is necessary for ...
    • How to turn on Healy?

      Firstly please make sure the Healy is fully charged. After its charged, briefly but firmly push the power button. If it is not turning on, try with a bit more force, on the center of the power icon.  If the green light flashes rapidly about 3 times, ...
    • Do I have to use the electrodes with the HealAdvisor Analyse App?

      The Healy App and the HealAdvisor Analyse App work on two different physical levels. Only with the Healy App you need the electrodes. The lists, which are vibrated by the HealAdvisor Analyse app, are transferred via the quantum sensor into the ...
    • How to reset Healy (hardware reset)?

      Press and hold the power button on your Healy for 15 to 20 seconds until the green light is permanently on. As soon as you take your finger off the power button, the green light goes off. Now your Healy is reset to factory default and a standard ...