My BRA measurement did not show all results

My BRA measurement did not show all results

When performing a BRA measurement, one does not always obtain conclusive results for all 6 vital parameters. Therefore, some parameters may have the value "0". Usually this happens when the measurement stops halfway, either because the contact with the finger and wrist is not strong enough or when the measurement was interrupted. In this case, just repeat the measurement. To ensure that you get the best possible results, wear and use the Healy Watch as directed.

To improve contact for the measurement you can use the provided conductive gel or a few drops of water.

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    • Why are the same programs always shown to me after BRA measurement?

      Only the recommended programs are visible to you, you cannot see the other programs that are not recommended for you. If your status has not changed significantly, the same programs as before will be shown and recommended.
    • Why is my BRA graph upside down?

      This will happen if you are wearing your Healy Watch on a different wrist from the default one in the "Wearing wrist" option in Device Settings of the App. Make sure that if you are wearing your Healy Watch on the left or the right wrist, that the ...
    • What are the program recommendations based on?

      The program recommendations are based on a BRA measurement. The 6 vital parameters are determined from this measurement.
    • There are no programs shown under Healy Connect

      In order for the programs to appear, you must perform a BRA measurement. Once the measurement is complete, you will receive the recommended programs for seven days. Note: To use the Healy Connector module you need the Healy Watch Connector ...
    • In what cases can I lose my data?

      If you log out of your account and then log in with another one, or if you reinstall the App, all your input in the App will be lost: Assistant information, results and programs you previously added to the My Programs page. However, your input ...