I can't run some workout types

I can't run some workout types

Work Out can only be started via the Healy Watch app if the same training types have been selected both in the Healy Watch app and on the Healy Watch. You can always select other Work Out types and transfer them to the Healy Watch. Only 5 training types can be transferred to the Healy Watch at the same time. These can be defined under Settings - Device Settings - Training Types.

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    • I can’t login into my account

      When you log in to your account, make sure your smartphone has an active Internet connection and that you are using the correct e-mail and password for your Healy World account.
    • How many programs can I run during one day?

      Healy recommends running  a maximum of 2-3 programs a day; please consult the Healy manual and the First Steps guide for better understanding programs and frequency of use.