How to turn the Healy Watch off or on?

How to turn the Healy Watch off or on?

To turn off the Healy Watch, go to: Functions - Turn off and press and hold the off button for 2 seconds.
To switch on the Healy Watch, connect it to a USB socket. It will then switch on automatically and start charging.
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    • How to turn on Healy?

      Firstly please make sure the Healy is fully charged. After its charged, briefly but firmly push the power button. If it is not turning on, try with a bit more force, on the center of the power icon.  If the green light flashes rapidly about 3 times, ...
    • Which charger can be used for Healy?

      The USB interfaces on laptop computers sometimes do not provide enough current for charging your Healy. Please use a USB smartphone charger rated to at least 100 mA (all standard smartphone chargers can provide this kind of power). Please also make ...
    • How do I receive phone notifications on Healy Watch?

      In order to enable this functionality, follow the 3 steps below: 1) Go to Settings - Device Settings and find the Smart Notification section. Access it and turn the notifications setting on, either for all available apps/mediums or for just some of ...
    • Is the Healy Watch waterproof?

      The Healy Watch falls under the Protection Class "IP67", meaning that it is very durable against dust, and is waterproof up to 1 meter deep for a maximum of 30 minutes. It is also not completely protected from steam/vapor. This means that you can ...
    • Can we turn off our smartphone once we have started a Healy program?

      Yes! Once a program has been transmitted to Healy and the desired intensity has been set, the phone is no longer required. The program will continue to run until it finishes and then Healy will automatically shut down.