What does the Sleep Ratio represent?

What does the Sleep Ratio represent?

Sleep Ratio is the measured ratio of quality sleep:total sleep. Quality sleep is a sum of Deep Sleep + Light Sleep compared to Total Sleep which is a sum of Deep Sleep + Light Sleep + Shallow Sleep.

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    • Sleep Data is Inaccurate

      No sleep data recorded The sleep statistics of the Healy Watch are generated based on the movement of the wrist during sleep. It may be that you move your wrist a lot during sleep, which might causes the sensor in the device to register that you are ...
    • What does the Sleep Mode do?

      Sleep mode does 3 things once you toggle it on: 1) It turns off the Wrist-on function (Watch screen turning on when you raise your arm), so it will not turn on when moving. However, it will still turn on if you press on the screen with your finger 2) ...
    • What does the OK or NOK notification text mean when the Healy App is minimized?

      When the Healy App is minimized but a program is still running, the OK or NOK notification text  tells you if the electrodes/cables are properly attached during a program. -OK means that they are properly attached and conductive -NOK means that they ...
    • What do the Hz numbers mean and why are they always changing?

      Each program has a range of frequencies that Healy transmits, each for a few seconds. Healy also checks how long a frequency is needed.
    • What does the progress percentage underneath the progress circle actually mean?

      The progress analysis for three different frequencies in the “Selection” and “Resonance” mode (see the Guide for the Healy App) underneath the progress circle can range from negative -100% to positive +100%. The progress percentage is analyzed every ...