Do I have to purchase Healy before I can use the HealAdvisor App?

Do I have to purchase Healy before I can use the HealAdvisor App?

To use the HealAdvisor App, you need to own a Healy device. To be more specific, you need to have a Healy World account with which you can log into the App. Other than that, owning a Healy is only required when you want to start the recommended programs on it directly from the HealAdvisor App. When you press „Start Program“ on the HealAdvisor App, it will start the Healy App which will select the program for you. To use most of the functions of the App (almost everything besides starting any of the programs) you won’t need to have a Healy device on you. In this sense, someone with an Account and the purchased subscription can use the HealAdvisor App without the Healy device next to them.

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      There is no registration process in the Healy World Apps because of the SSO (Single Sign On) functionality. To log in, you can simply use the credentials (e-mail and password) from your Healy World account.
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