In what cases can I lose my data?

In what cases can I lose my data?

If you log out of your account and then log in with another one, or if you reinstall the App, all your input in the App will be lost: Assistant information, results and programs you previously added to the My Programs page. However, your input remains if you just log out of the account and log back in with the same account on the same smartphone.

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    • There is no data displayed in my Healy Watch App

      For data to appear on the Healy Watch App, you first need to connect the Healy Watch to the app and synchronize the data.
    • Will the data that I have stored in Demo mode be visible on another smartphone device?

      No. While in Demo mode, no data is sent to the Cloud. This means that the data that you save in Demo mode will only be stored locally on the smartphone device where this data was created. It will disappear from the smartphone device as soon as you ...
    • Master Key not available / lost

      If the Master Key for the HealAdvisor Analyse App is no longer available, the Cloud data of that account needs to be reset. In order to do so, log into the HealAdvisor Analyse App. On the "Import Master key" screen, you will notice the option to ...
    • I have lost My Programs list

      Currently, if you logout of your HealAdvisor App and log back in with another account, all entries from the previous account will be deleted. All data will also disappear if you reinstall the app, since the data is stored locally on your smartphone ...
    • Where can I learn more about the programs?

      When you search for a program in HealAdvisor Search or Digital Nutrition and press on it, a screen containing information about this specific program appears . The same applies to programs that appear on the Application Plan. The databases are ...