Is there a limit to the number of programs we can run in the course of one day?

Is there a limit to the number of programs we can run in the course of one day?

There is no actual limit. But you should only apply a limited number of programs per day depending on your state of health. More information can be found in the “First Steps With Healy” flyer that was provided with your Healy.
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    • How many programs can I run during one day?

      Healy recommends running  a maximum of 2-3 programs a day; please consult the Healy manual and the First Steps guide for better understanding programs and frequency of use.
    • I can't run some workout types

      Work Out can only be started via the Healy Watch app if the same training types have been selected both in the Healy Watch app and on the Healy Watch. You can always select other Work Out types and transfer them to the Healy Watch. Only 5 training ...
    • Programs are not opened from Healy Watch or HealAdvisor App "Unbekanntes Program"

      If "Unbekanntes Program" PROGRAM_NAME_ABCD appears when trying to start a certain program from either the HealAdvisor App or the Healy Watch App, please make sure that all 3 apps mentioned are fully updated (Apple App Store or Google Play Store). If ...
    • Can I stop a program before it is finished?

      Yes, any length of program time above 20 min is beneficial. Still, it is recommended to run the programs for their full duration since they have different frequencies which are applied for different parts of the program
    • There are no programs shown under Healy Connect

      In order for the programs to appear, you must perform a BRA measurement. Once the measurement is complete, you will receive the recommended programs for seven days. Note: To use the Healy Connector module you need the Healy Watch Connector ...