Login button does not respond

Login button does not respond

This happens when your Internet connection is too weak to establish a connection to the Cloud.

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    • Login button is grey in the HealAdvisor Analyse App

      If you can't login into the HealAdvisor Analyse App because the login button is greyed out, please check the following: -the email address space is filled in and has the appropriate email format -the password space is filled in -all three agreements ...
    • Login button is greyed out

      Check that you have entered your e-mail address and password correctly and that you have read and accepted the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Declaration of Consent.
    • I can’t login into my account

      When you log in to your account, make sure your smartphone has an active Internet connection and that you are using the correct e-mail and password for your Healy World account.
    • Can I log in the Healy Watch App with another account ?

      Yes. To do this, you need to log out of your current account in the Healy Watch App and log in with a different e-mail and password. Then go to Device Management, connect to the other Healy Watch and synchronize your data with the Healy Watch App. ...
    • What is Demo mode?

      Demo mode is a new feature allowing you to use the HealAdvisor Analyse App for demonstration purposes. In this mode, you are not logging into your personal account and there is no need to import a master key. Instead, you are directly redirected to ...